Buy a Brick

Ukarimu House serves two purposes. The upstairs will be a flat for Ukarimu Ministries’ directors, while the downstairs will be student living quarters and meeting rooms for student fellowships, family and marriage seminars, and other events. Ukarimu House is currently under construction. The Directors of Ukarimu Ministries felt it important to build this home and ministry centre without debt. Therefore, construction of Ukarimu House is taking a number of years, being done in phases as funds come in.

In January 2018, we saw a huge leap forward as the plumbing, electrical work, and windows of Ukarimu House were installed by a mostly volunteer team of builders. In addition, the floors were all installed, upstairs and down, the staircase repaired and nearly completed, as well as kitchen cabinets made, both for upstairs and down. The next stage will be installing remaining windows and doors, ceilings, and tiling bathrooms.

The next phases of construction:

  • Installing rainwater guttering for the new building:
  • Digging another rainwater tank – 100,000 litres (about 26,000 gallons):
  • Installing windows and doors (including having some windows and doors made):
  • Plastering the inside and outside walls:
  • Installing clay tiles for main house, guest house and gazebo:

You can be a vital part of this project by joining our “Buy a Brick Programme”, helping us to build Ukarimu House brick by brick. These are not actual building bricks, but work as a donation system to help raise funds for this ministry. Each ‘brick’ costs a particular amount of Kenyan Shillings (Ksh), according to its value.

The ‘brick’ costs:

  • Clay bricks
  • Bronze bricks
  • Silver bricks
  • Gold bricks
  • up to Kshs 2,000
  • Kshs 2,001 – 5,000
  • Kshs 5,001 – 10,000
  • Kshs 10,001 and up

Each ‘brick’ you buy is a great way to partner in this ministry and helps go towards building Ukarimu House. Contact us at if you would like to buy one or more ‘bricks’ .  Be sure you state how many bricks you are buying and what kinds of bricks, e.g., 1 silver brick for 5,500/- or 2 gold bricks for 20,000/-. Donations may be made to NIC Bank, account name: Ukarimu Ministries Trust, account number: 1004753058.  Or, donations may be made via M-pesa to 0702 021391.

We hope you will join in this ministry as we partner together in God’s work at Ukarimu!