Praxis Fellowship: This is a weekly student group seriously exploring, from a Christian perspective, current critical issues facing African society. Here we wrestle with the challenges facing Africa & the world – and attempt to do something about them, bringing action to our reflections and ideas. In this fellowship, we learn how to be salt and light in our communities.

Iron Men: Real Men. Real Christians. Iron Men is a weekly men’s group that Chip guides. In Iron Men we explore men’s issues, challenge existing ideas, and find our way forward. Iron Men creates a rich setting to share freely, build trust, work together to shape their lives, and have impact on others.

Serefatha Sisters: This weekly women’s group, led by Chari, addresses core issues for today’s woman. We discover ourselves; spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, & physically. Serefatha Sisters create deep, confidential, relationships through friendship & dialogue, and by helping each other through the challenges of being a godly woman, even while learning practical skills.

Fikiria Films: (Fikiria means think about it.) From time to time, we invite students for an evening of reflection based on a film. More than entertainment, selected films provoke reflection on challenging issues, by preparation before, and debriefing after the films.

Residential Students and Interns: We have student interns work in any of the areas of ministry in which Ukarimu Ministries is involved (community development, student ministry, counseling, etc.). With Ukarimu House almost complete, we are able to have residential interns as well. We currently have 2 residential students at Ukarimu.

Special Events: Ukarimu House hosts several special events each year, including special Alternative Valentine’s Dinners for students, faculty awards ceremonies, couples retreats & dinners, singles student events, one-day retreats and other special events as needed.

Scholarships: Ukarimu Ministries, through the donations of people like you, provides scholarships for needy students who would not be able to attend Daystar University otherwise. To qualify for such help, student applicants must be involved in at least one of Ukarimu Ministries’ student fellowships (thus giving us a more wholistic input into their lives), must have a good GPA, and must also be pursing financial aid through other sources.