There she stood at the front of the sanctuary in front of all those pairs of eyes, glad that no one could see the literal knocking of her knees together under her long gown (up to today, she had not realized that knees really could literally knock together in fright). She was relieved that the only person who could see the baby’s breath flowers trembling frenziedly in her bouquet, was the pastor who faced them. She wondered at how the sanctuary had managed to grow so large and the center aisle become so long! The thing that made her tremble so much was not the daunting thought of marriage at all, but the fact that all eyes were on the bride – her! She had never liked being the center of attention. In fact, she feared it more than pretty much anything. The one big consolation, which gave her sufficient courage to go through with this ceremony was that she was marrying HIM. She still could not believe her great, good luck that HE was soon to become her husband!

Somehow, she managed to keep enough presence of mind to go through the ceremony without a hitch. She got her lines right, she didn’t say anything strange, her voice did not crack, and she never tripped even once. There was that scary moment when she had to turn around when the pastor was presenting for the first time, “Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kingsbury”, but the wonder of having become Mrs. Kingsbury, magically, with a few lines to repeat, a promise given, a paper in hand, overrode much of her fear of all the eyes staring benevolently at her. Suddenly, the aisle seemed to have shrunk back to its normal length, as the new couple made their way back down it, together now, and out the door of the sanctuary. There was still the reception to face, but at least there, she could face people one on one or in small bunches. The most difficult part was behind her and she looked forward greatly to time alone with the love of her life as they took off for their honeymoon at the beach. What a wonderful life together she anticipated!

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