We had only been married a few days and had just returned from several days’ honeymoon at the deserted beach, which was not yet open for tourist season. We had plans to spend the night in my in-laws’ home, on our way to the Midwest, where we planned to resume our college education. Yes, the shy girl was me and HE was Chip.

I am a light sleeper, and never sleep well the night before a long trip. We were due to leave early in the morning to head for Liberty, Missouri our new home. I kept Chip awake much of the night with my tossing and turning. Maybe it was due to this activity (not to mention the age of the bed) but at some point in the middle of the night, bang! The bed collapsed beneath our combined weight. What a rude awakening…and embarrassing to boot! Chip pieced things together the best he could in the middle of the night and without any tools, while trying to keep from waking the entire household. Somehow, we managed to get back to sleep.

But the sleep did not erase the memory of our middle of the night adventure and we descended the stairs the next morning with sheepish looks on our faces. We knew Chip’s parents would never believe that we were not rollicking in the middle of the night, but merely innocently trying to get a night’s sleep! Sure enough, as we entered the kitchen, a “had a little trouble with the bed last night?” greeted us, coming from his grinning father, my new father in law. I could feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment, while wishing the ground would open up at that moment and swallow me whole. Yet, at the same time I did manage to find the whole situation quite humorous. Mercifully, nothing more was said on the matter and we were soon on our way to our new home. What adventures awaited us? We were soon to find out.

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