The summer had passed much too quickly. Here she sat in chemistry class, wishing she were elsewhere…anywhere but here! The shy girl loved the natural sciences and excelled in that subject area, but she suspected chemistry might prove different. It smacked too much of math, a subject she was not particularly good at. As she sat directly across the door glumly observing the students filing in, as lethargically as she felt, suddenly, her heart gave a leap. HE was striding through the door! “Oh wow,” she thought. “I’d forgotten about him! Maybe chemistry’s not going to be so bad after all!”

After the usual introductions, the jostling for favored seats, and noise settling down, the shy girl found a seat right in the middle of the room – not so close that you were in danger of being called upon too often, not so far away that it was difficult to hear with all the distractions which abounded in the back. The middle of a crowd could often be the best place to hide. They had just been instructed to choose lab partners. The only person in the class which she ‘knew’ was seated directly behind her – HIM. However, there was no way she could ask him to be her lab partner. That was just too…forward. So, she sat, looking around vaguely, as though bored with the whole process and trying to choose among the many prospects, though she knew that in reality, she had no prospects. While enviously watching her fellow students linking up with their friends, she suddenly felt a hesitant tapping on her shoulder…

There was only one person the tap could have come from…but could it be? Turning she found herself staring into those heavenly blue eyes, as HE asked, “Want to be my lab partner?” Heart pounding, her inward answer was “Are you kidding?! Yes, yes, yes!” Outwardly, her reply was a cool “Oh…might as well”, as if this would not necessarily have been her first choice, but she was magnanimous enough to help him out in a bind. Turning back to face the front, grinning in spite of herself, she could not believe her great, good luck. Indeed, miracles must still happen after all.

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